Bobby is not only a wild man on stage, but the true gearhead of the group. Ask him and he'll talk gear with you all day long… He recently added a couple special design, custom built (to his own specs) one of a kind, Buddy Blaze guitars to the stable and he uses and definatley abuses a whole slew of Ibanez 7 strings as his axes of choice but, not always exclusively. The main weapons of the arsonel you'll see on most nights are his Ibanez K7, his Ibanez Universes (5 of them), and his Ibanez 7620 and 2027. At times the Gibson Les Paul Axcess or custom built Fender Strat are needed for sonic flexibility, and an Ibanez 8 string will show its ugly head too, so beware! 

Bobbys recently added, special design, custom built, "Bobbywood"
Buddy Blaze guitars:

His amps are all Marshalls. Bobby uses Marshall Silver Jubilee 50 watt heads (2) and cabinets of the 4x12 and 2x12 variety depending on size of venue. He also blows the dust off an old 1977 Marshall Super Lead 100 watt monster (that once belonged to the great Michael Schenker) just for kicks. 



His effects are really pretty basic - the signal chain goes from (2) Shure PGX digital wireless units into a Boss tu3 tuner. Then into Maverick Wah followed by a custom modified Ibanez Tube Screamer (on at all times), then a Boss reverb pedal (used lightly), and finally into a noise gate and out to the amps. A Boss harmonizer sometimes gets put into the chain when Bobby gets bored. 


One of the favorite quotes about his tone is, "It always sounds like I'm strangling my guitar while I'm trying to play - That's the secret to my tone!!"


Bobby uses D'addario guitar strings and custom guitar picks from 

Steve Clayton Guitar Picks inc. -  exclusively.




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