Blackout was formed in DFW way back in 1986 and carved out a place for themselves by helping to fill venues like Savvy's, Joe's Garage, and Dallas City Limits - and opening for greats like Pantera, Wrathchild, and Sweet Savage. And now the rebuilt Blackout is doing it again. They started right out of the gate with their very first gig as openers for Texas Hippie Coalition and the list continues to grow. 

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Blackout's material can best be described as powerful and melodic, with sing-along hooks and melodies you can't get out of your head. From songs like the pounding "Sucker-punch," to the hard rockin' "Bottom Dollar" their music comes from a place we can all relate to.

These guys are all approachable and love to meet their fans - In fact they have a standing request: "When rocking out with us at any show, come up and say hi - we'd love to meet ya!"


Stan German

Stan grew up in Stillwater Oklahoma. Being a sports fanatic and playing sports as often as possible he actually aspired to be a professional baseball player. Then at the age of 17 that all changed. He was at a band rehearsal one night and the band had no singer. So he was talked into singing a couple of songs with them and was instantly hooked - He's been singing ever since.

"After my first time singing in front of a crowd I knew this is what I wanted to do. There's no better feeling than looking out into the crowd and seeing people having a good time and knowing that you're responsible for it."

Stan was no stranger to music. He was brought up listening to a healthy variety of music plus his mom sings gospel and his sister sings both gospel and country.

Some of Stan's influences are Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Jim Morrison, Ted Nugent, Ray Gillen and Jesse James Dupre.

Some of the bands Stan has been in over the years include Rukkus, Bone Dance, Sudden Urge, Blind Ambition, and Lectric Mojo.



Bobby Michaels

Bobby began playing guitar at age 15 when he heard van Halen's "Eruption". Randy Rhoads, Iron Maiden and Jimmy Page then sealed the deal. Bobby studied at Berklee College of Music for a spell before cutting his teeth in the Philly music scene. His performance and songwriting skills landed him a gig with the band Spoiled Brat who was signed with Arista Records. That started a lifetime of wonderful experiences that led to another regionally successful NYC band, PHANTASM. Phantasm led to another big step in his musical journey with the North-Eastern acclaimed band BUFF DADDY. Buff Daddy took Bobby to the big stages which he has shared with a virtual who's who of 80's and 90's rock stars; Brett Michaels, Ratt, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen, George Lynch, Quiet Riot, and Twisted Sister just to name a few. Buff Daddy is on the Retrospect label and Bobby's guitar can be heard around the globe with sales in Japan, Germany, and other parts of Europe - and of course the USA. Bobby has received respect from his peers with flattering offers from Lizzy Borden and Sebastian Bach. He also had the plesure of accompanying Don Dokken on a recent show. Bobby has been on stage at The Whisky, CBGBs, and Rocklahoma.

25+ years as a pro and Blackout has become an ideal family, and a fun band where great friends and music are always being made. Bobby still plays with a passion that very few can ever match, and he hopes that every ounce he gives brings a little happiness to all who listen.  

Click here to learn how Bobby gets his monster tone, and what gear he prefers.

Bobby exclusively uses 

Clayton Custom Guitar Picks.



Jamey hails from Arlington, Texas and although he started playing bass about 10 years ago, he originally started playing guitar at age 12. In fact much of his experience was as a lead singer and guitarist. He also has some experience playing Piano, Saxaphone and Drums.

Jamey's musical influences include Ronnie James Dio, Rik Emmit,  Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Gene Simmons, and Steve Harris, to name a few.

Some of you fans may have seen Jamey perform with SICK TWIST, CHIZZLE, WHISKEY BENT, G.A.S., GENERATOR, and LIFT.

Jamey has a beautiful wife, Brooke, with whom he credits all his powers and abilities. Actually she's responsible for allowing him to be a musician... as long as he does his chores first. And if he's really good he can watch the Dallas Cowboys, and maybe even the Oklahoma Sooners, and the Texas Rangers. See? She really is special.

He describes himself as, "... a hard working Christian family guy with a huge 4th grade sense of humor and an intense love of music."

  Jamey uses Fender and Ken Smith guitars as well as Ampeg and Markbass Amplifiers.



Dave "The Hammer"  Gregston

Dave grew up in Texas in a very musical family with his father managing his brothers band. They did quite well which led Dave to start playing the drums at a very young age. "I guess you could say I grew up on the drums", he says when describing himself. "I played in school a little bit and then joined bands in the neighborhood and we played around at local parties."

Dave was in several notable bands in the 80's including EX-cape and Mothers Day and recorded and toured with Centerfold who had a song (You Are) that managed to get some airplay on Q-102. In the late 90's he founded Full Tilt Boogie, a rock/rhythm & blues band that played all over the Texas.


Blackout is the answer to a musical dream he has always had; that everyone has the same focus and direction and gives 100%... "We are very much a live band and play for the fans."


Dave's influences include: Tommy Aldridge, Vinny Appice, Tommy Lee, and Mick Brown.


Dave is currently proudly using a 7 piece double bass Mapex Saturn kit with custom paint. He prefers Tama Iron Cobra Pedals Mapex drums


Dave endorses Soultone Cymbals and Diamondback Drumsticks





Paul Is Blackout's Key Grip. He's been with the group since the 80s pitching in doing all the behind the scenes stuff that you never hear about. Paul does everything from moving gear to setting up drum kits to running lights and everything in between. Should something happen during a show, Paul is the guy you see that runs across the stage and fixes it. As tall as he is he manages to keep a low profile. Paul is an important part of the back-stage happenings and is an irreplaceable part of Blackout.

Thanks Paul!




Bill has been stalking Blackout for the last few years and started working with the band in April 2015. The guys thought it was best to keep an eye on him. Bill is known for his horrible fashion sense and his lack of skill with women. He hopes to use the position to help him score chicks.

Actually, Bill is important to the behind the scenes arsnel of Blackout. He makes sure the show goes off without any problems, and though he's not very smart, he can lift heavy objects. 



Mikey Dude

Mikey Dude is the Webmaster and Graphix guy for Blackout. He is always getting in trouble for drawing pictures of the band at school. His mom took away his bicycle for painting Blackout's logo on it, and he once got a spanking for painting the logo on his dads motorcycle windshield. When Mikey grows up he wants to be a guitarist just like Bobby.




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